Cindy Minn


Cindy is an Analyst on the Schools and Human Capital team and supports DC talent organizations that aim to ensure all students have access to high quality leaders and teachers. As a first-generation college student, having a high-quality education has been crucial to her success. Having had the privilege to attend a New York City specialized high school, Cindy firmly believes in the transformative power of education and the right of every student to have access to this type of education. Prior to joining Education Forward DC in 2018, Cindy worked at a small education consulting firm that provided strategic support to private schools. Through this experience, she came to believe that all students should have access to the kind of education a private school can provide, not only those whose parents can pay for it. This experience led her to enter that classroom as a second grade teacher in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Cindy earned a BA in International Studies and Economics from The Johns Hopkins University, and an MA in teaching from the Relay Graduate School of Education.

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